Our facilities

Flexbox Self-Storage facilities

Flexbox Self-Storage facilities are specifically built for a self-storage purpose and allows to store your belongings at the best conditions : ventilating and heating system, personal access code, individual alarm in each unit. We favor the proximity of our facilities to our customers so that they have access to their belongings as simply and as quickly as possible.

Flexbox Augustins

Rue Prévost-Martin 27
1205 Genève

Flexbox Chêne-Bourg

Rue de Genève 18
1225 Chêne-Bourg

Flexbox Eaux-Vives

Rue Maunoir 11
1207 Genève

Flexbox Grand-Lancy

51 av des Communes Réunies
1212 Grand Lancy

Flexbox Plainpalais

Rue Synagogue 33
1205 Genève

Flexbox Vernier/Meyrin

Route du Nant d’Avril 40
1214 Vernier


We provide an everyday all around security : access code, individual alarm in your unit, fire detectors, CCTV, security patrols.


We can advise you on how best to store all your belongings. Our buildings are all equipped with ventilation and heating systems.


Our contracts are flexible, with no commitment period. Our contracts are flexible, with no fixed term. You can terminate them quickly with 14 days' notice and you are guaranteed a refund of any excess rent.


One stop shop: moving partners, free handling materials, Flexbox shop, van rental as well as WIFI access.